The National Candida Center Program - Success Stories

Below are some of our Candida Yeast Infection Treatment Program's Success Stories:

Numerous women suffering infertility and undergoing extensive (and expensive) fertility treatments, many having given up all hope of ever conceiving, have begun this program and become pregnant.

ADD / ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyper Activity):
Numerous people of all ages have shown recovery from these problems once the inner source of aggravation (yeast, parasites or bacterial overgrowth) is gone.

For example, one young boy exhibited extreme behavior (screaming, no impulse control, hitting).Test results showed massive Candida Albicans yeast infection Overgrowth. The whole family did the program. Retest in 6 months showed normal balance. Behavior was totally changed. Five years later his mother still credits this program for saving the life of her family from serious health problems.

Burning Stomach:
E.R., a 49 year old woman, graphic designer, suffering from severe heartburn, I.B.S., stomach acid, constipation, sugar cravings, yeast infections. After our 4R program and Alkalization program she reports

  • Complete cessation of heart burn and dependency on a prescription antacid (was twice a day for years). Energy has returned, she is not as worn out or fatigued at the end of the day.
  • Sugar cravings & yeast infections are gone and sanity has returned to diet
  • Severe constipation replaced with daily bowel movements.

Heart Problems:
L.B. a 66 year old woman, school teacher, former Missionary to South America suffered for 12 years from heart palpitations so severe she would visit the Emergency Room. After successfully completing her PEP program, she reports a complete cessation of all heart problems. One year later she is still on the program and continuing her positive changes.

New Skin and Better Eye sight:
D.W., 45 yo woman, reports that her skin “which use to be like an alligator” is now soft and smooth and remarkably, “even my eye sight is better! I can make out words that were just a blur before. Plus, I have more energy and sleep better”

Skin Rash:
C.H., mid 40’s man, had suffered a skin rash (red, raw, sore, chapped thrush) since adolescence. He accepted it as part of his daily life and thought he’d never be rid of it. After several months of alkalization and proper supplementation his skin rash went away completely and has never returned (now 2 years later).

Colon Cancer:
Sharon M., age 58, had four sisters who had all died of colon cancer by her age. She had regular surgery every 3-4 months to remove new colon polyp growth. Within 4 months her oncologist pronounced he had never seen anything like this and she was better than 50% healed.

“My life has been powerfully changed for the better. I went from a size 14 to a size 6, my PMS is gone, my yeast infections are gone, my skin looks better, my vitality is back and even my husband is on the program and lost 50 pounds. I haven’t felt this good and hopeful in years. Thank you, thank you , thank you!” S.M., Los Angeles, Ca.

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