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Candida Diet Myth

There are many types of diet: by Blood type, Paleo, Alkalize, Candida, Raw, Vegan, Kosher, diets based on religious beliefs, plant based diets, detox diet, weight loss diet, weight gain diet - whew!
You see the point. All that really matters is - what is the right diet for YOU?

We say there is a "candida diet myth" because it is disingenuous and not truthful or accurate to say diet will cure this problem - or any serious medical condition. IF that were true, then there would be no health care system, just health food stores.

It is also true that diet IS a very important part of a comprehensive program to help the body heal. But diet alone is rarely enough, except in the case of a minor affliction and if you had that you wouldn't be here.

We, at the NCC, determine the best diet for you based on medical testing not on the whim of the day. Your diet becomes part of a treatment strategy we call The Healthy Trinity.