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Our Approach

You are about to enter a new world of Healthcare.

Our approach is probably a lot different from your past experiences in the usual mill of managed care. Of course, we do use advanced medical technology, tools and testing when appropriate but the similarity ends there.

We offer natural, effective alternatives to drugs and surgery. We base our care on fundamental principles not yet widely understood by the industrial pharmaceutical-driven medical machinery.

  • First, our approach is holistic. That means we must consider “all of you” in order to treat “any part of you" (thus the Whole).
  • Next, we recognize what is called the "Mind-Body" connection. There is an intimate connection between your mind, emotions, body, lifestyle and ancestry.
  • All physical ailments have an emotional counterpart. Your belief system must be considered in order to create lasting health. For example, does your daily "self-talk" beat you up or build you up?
  • Although you are not to blame for your illness or disease, you alone are fully responsible for your own well-being. The choices for action that you make will either perpetuate that disease or remove it to create good health.
  • Our approach is pro-active. We expect you to fully participate and to “jump into the game” of your own healing process. Toward that end, consider us your “Health Coach”.
  • Re-education is needed to build new and supportive lifestyle habits. New information, curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning is the foundation of building a healthy, happy and exciting life.

Ann Wigmore, health pioneer, once said: "The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison."